File #: RPT 21-073   
Section: Informational Report Status: Agenda Ready
Meeting Body: Community Services Commission
Agenda Date: Final action:
Subject: Update on Policy Innovation Workshop and Community Public Safety Work
Attachments: 1. Attachment I Presentation on Policy Innovation Workshop and Community Public Safety Work Update, 2. Attachment II Policy Innovation Workshop Project Sheets
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DATE: June 16, 2021

TO: Community Service Commission

FROM: Acting Community Services Manager


Update on Policy Innovation Workshop and Community Public Safety Work


That the Community Services Commission accepts this presentation on the Policy Innovation Workshop and Community Public Safety Work. End


In response to community concerns around policing and public safety following the murder of George Floyd by an officer of the Minneapolis Police Department, Council directed staff to conduct community?engagement efforts,?including community?conversations and a community survey about public safety and policing in Hayward.?After?receiving?the results of the community engagement work,?Council directed staff to convene a?Public Safety Policy Innovation?Workshop inclusive of community members and City staff to recommend public safety policy and programmatic changes?for Fiscal Year 2022.?

On May 18, 2021, staff presented to the Council an update on the Community Public Safety Workshops. During this meeting, the Council adopted a resolution authorizing funding for the Public Safety Workshop projects recommended for immediate implementation. This staff report was shared via email with the Community Services Commission on May 17, 2021. A copy of the complete report can be found online.2 A copy of the presentation can be found in Attachment I.

This presentation and the associated May 18, 2021, staff report detail the work completed by the workshop participants and their recommendations for addressing four key problems?identified from the community engagement work:?
1. There is a lack of trust between the community and government, including City Hall and Hayward Police Department (HPD), stemming from a lack of communication and relationship building and an inadequate recognition of the long-term negative impacts of systemic racism.?
2. Systemic health inequities...

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