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File #: CONS 20-120   
Section: Consent Status: Agenda Ready
Meeting Body: City Council
Agenda Date: 3/3/2020 Final action:
Subject: Adopt a Resolution Approving the Workplan to Incentivize Housing Production in the City of Hayward
Attachments: 1. Attachment I Staff Report, 2. Attachment II Resolution, 3. Attachment III Policies to Incentivize Housing Production, 4. Attachment IV Comments from Individual Interviews, 5. Attachment V Multi-Family Market Rate Forum Comments, 6. Attachment VI Brief from Convening of Infill Developers, 7. Attachment VII Comments from Review of Workplan
Related files: WS 20-001, CONS 20-240
DATE: March 3, 2020

TO: Mayor and City Council

FROM: City Manager


Adopt a Resolution Approving the Workplan to Incentivize Housing Production in the City of Hayward


That Council adopts a Resolution (Attachment II) approving the workplan to incentivize housing production in the City of Hayward.


The increase in Hayward's population, absent a corresponding increase in housing units, has caused rents and prices to rise as supply has failed to meet demand. On February 6, 2018, Council directed staff to evaluate barriers to development of housing as a strategy to improve housing affordability.

The purpose of this report is to review feedback from the January 14, 2020 Council Work Session and the February 13, 2020 Planning Commission Work Session, integrate feedback into the workplan, and seek approval of the revised workplan. The objective of the proposed workplan is to incentivize the production of both market rate and affordable housing, implement measures to meet the Regional Housing Need Assessment (RHNA) goals, establish "pro-housing" policies to ensure Hayward remains competitive for state housing funds, and improve housing affordability for Hayward residents. Most of the topics recommended require further analysis and stakeholder input. Staff will return to Council for final approval prior to implementation of any recommended action on the workplan.

Staff has evaluated policies from proposed state legislation, other jurisdictions throughout the state and country, regional planning efforts, and feedback from industry professionals. Topics to incentivize housing production include: policies related to zoning and housing approvals; accessory dwelling units; impact fees and fee transparency; funding sources; public land disposition; and streamlining the approval process. Attachment III provides a summary of policies that have been evaluated along with staff analysis ...

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